Before and After


Dec 5, 2007
Central North Carolina
The customer wasn't happy with the color that it came out the first time. Here are pictures of the old color and the new. I like both, but the customer is always right. the specs on the gun are:

Trued Rem action
Jewell trigger
Brux barrell at 26 in. 9 twist chambered in 7rm, interupted fluting
H&S stovk bedded
Fluted bolt bu SSG
Bolt handled threaded
SSG tactical knob
SSG .250 recoil lug
SSG slot port brake
Nightforce 20moa rail
K&G Gun Kote in Brushed Stainless
The darker pics were the first ones

Hope you guys enjoy. Dan


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  • E V brushed stainless 003.jpg
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Darker or lighter he did one heck of a nice job on this gun. Without firing a shot Dan has won me over with his first rate customer service. He made it clear a happy customer was his priority. When I balked at the darker color, without flinching he made the adjustment and it's exactly was I was looking for.

A happy customer I am! Look forward to working with you again.

No, it is not a paint. It is aproduct callled K&G Gun Kote. It is only a couple of tenth's thick. .0002 It is resistant to all kinds of chemicals and weather conditions. Take a look at there web site and you can see all it stands up against. Dan
It seems like it is about 50-50 on the color. I do like either but the main thing is that the customer is now happy. Thanks Eddie for choosing me for your build. I am sure it will shoot as good as it looks. Dan
What started out as blueprinting a stock Sendero for accuracy went south on me! (who hasn't been there?). But I'm glad it did because it's now in my opinion a really cool hunting rig with a couple of personal tweaks. I look forward to some range time with a Nightforce up top.

My hats off to Dan Glover. It was a pleasure.
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