Been Knocking a Few Over


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Aug 16, 2007
Bull Mtns MT
A couple of my buddies buck.
300 Win Mag shooting 210 Bergers.



One of the Ugliest Antelope Bucks I've seen to date lol!
Both bucks in the herd had only one horn?



A couple of my Mulie.
300 Win Mag. 168gr Bergers

Man am I jealous. Those are some great animals you guys have harvested. Another two years I might have enough points to get a antelope tag. I haven't even pulled the trigger on a deer yet(enjoying the hunt to much to let it end). Now coyotes they have met my 168 bergers a couple of times now.

Hey, that boat is cheating!:D

How did the 210 Bergers work and at what range. My dad shot an average size mulie doe the other day with a 300WBY at just over 200yrds and it just poked through the ribs, zero opening. Kinda curious how they worked.
Great pictures, it looks like you guys had a great season. Nice mulies!!! Congratulations.
Any more pictures of the one horned antelopes?
It looks like the bergers did great, the deer are dead!:)

Nice shooting....


Well yeah, no doubt about that. Really wanted a little more specifics, wound channel, size of exit hole, amount of damaged meat. Lots of bullets will kill deer, just some are better choices than others.
It looks like the bergers did great, the deer are dead!:)

Nice shooting....

Couldn't of said it better myself. They may not be the perfect hunting bullet, but the results speak for themselves.
Ranges varied from the 210's at only 60 yards to the 168's at just shy of 400 yards.
The most attractive thing to me with the Bergers is the accuracy. Hell an arrow can kill an Elk. Put them in the vitals with repeatablility is my theory.
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