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Kevin Cram

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Mar 9, 2004
Danville, PA
Sorry, JUDD but I told you I would show your bear video. Here's what happened the first day of the PA bear season 2009. When we arrived on location with gun and pack in hand I looked over to our short hill at about 500 yards and saw a lone bear working his way up the side of the mountain. We hurried and got unpacked and JUDD was going to kill his first PA black bear. Well as you'll see it didn't quite happen as planned. JUDD is a seasoned shooter and hunts chucks with me all spring and summer long range. When this large bruin steps up JUDD should have an easy shot........well maybe...

That would be a typical day for me. If any thing could go wrong it will:)

I am impressed by the calmness of the voices of everyone. Cool heads!

I'm sure the video will be a topic of conversation for years to come. Even if to keep Mr. JUDD a bit humble.:D
I knew it would only be a matter of time...thanks already used up all my excuses for this shot...I guess we will just chalk it up as bear fever...their is always next year
Thanks for posting the video Kevin. Enjoyed it and interesting to see how you go about LRH in your State. Judd just may be camera shy. Take the camera away and I bet he's tack driving again.
Good video. A teaching experience. Hard to tell, two very close shots, could have hit branches both times. I agree with there is always next year. Good luck for next year!!!
JUDD: what were you shooting? that new 338-408? if so, you could use the ole 'it wasn't my rifle'
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JUDD: what were you shooting? that new 338-408? if so, you could use the ole 'it wasn't my rifle'

Tried that...this is a tough bunch they ain't taken any excuses....

Next year I'm packin in my new baby...

Me and the mad scientist brewin somethin special up.....Deer and bear beware!!gun)
well judd, wait till next year might not be that easy. i started hunting that very area almost 60 years ago. so far ive put my tag on one. your fortunate to be with a good group, and hunting in a good area. also hunting long range is a big help in that country. problem with bears is they usually dont stop after the first miss. you were very lucky to get a good second shot. ive missed several fairly easy shots. there were no follow ups. you dont need any advise, but ill offer this anyway. next year use your own gun, and make sure your very comfortable with it. to me its like driving somebody elses truck.
Hey Cubby,

Congrats on your bear. On the entire length of the video I got your audio on the radio. "Their not shooting at my bear are they?" "No, it's from the other rock, that's a different bear" We chuckle everytime we hear it. I believe your bear and the one JUDD shot at were together in the morning and got bumped up from some bush hunters hunting the bottom. You should have seen the one bruin we saw at about 2500 yards. No problem seeing him, I'm sure he went at least 500+ lbs. You should post a photo of your dads giant. I'd like to have a photo for my scrap book too. Biggest **** buck I've ever seen come out of that hollow.
Typical terrain in the northeast. Lots of twigs and limbs. Not unreasonable that both shots could have encountered them...although both shots seemed to be high...who knows, better luck the next time.
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