Bear in the yard


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Jul 14, 2007
[/IMG]I can't see the head / ears and not mutch to judge it against. Any thoughts on size?
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I've always heard
long legs, long ears, long nose = small bear

My father-in-law always said any bear is a shooter!! LOL

prtaylor I think is about right 200 lbs maybe a little more.

You could go measure the culvert or one of the trees for a referance.

Just my guess

Bear in yard.

Seems decent size.

Observations; Yard needs rake job.
Why is there not at least 1 follow up pic posing bear/rifle/wife-kids/and
the beagle?????:D
first off do you know anything about 300wsm?
we have conversed before, and im glad to see your here also.
as for the bear, i know you have a guy working on the weight via a computer program. nuff said.
i only ever shot 1 bear. i have shot at other bears.
the bear i shot weighed 234 pounds dressed, or gutted.
i was told by the people at the check station he would have gone about 300 live weight.
he was just about 5 ft. from nose to tail. taxidermist charge by the foot nose to tail.
come to my camp and ill show you the bear, full mount.
this bear is bigger than mine. im guessing he could go 400 live, maybe more.
ive been here at the camp since early june. the deer situation is gloomy at best. but the bears are here like ive never seen before.
now how about filling me in on the story of the 855 yd. antelope. ernie
Pic was taken at my brothers in NY. Never wanted to hunt bears over bait, but after seeing this I might have to get a tag just in case.

Hope the deer situation picks up for you. We are blessed with the numbers and amount of tags we can get down here. This summer was a BLAST:D

Wyoming was great. I ran into some rifle trouble but things worked out even though the shot was less than perfect (but thats hunting) The 855 was Marks so I should let him tell that one. But I can tell you my friend Brody is HOOOOOKED. He got behind a 7 Rem Mag and felt good looking at a doe. The ownner of the rifle dialed it up after getting 5+ readings of 853 I watched the wind for about 5 minutes and told him to put it on its *** dead center up the leg. He touched it off and put a 162 right behind the shoulder below center. The shot of the trip.
I have to say that I think that bear would go less than 3oo pounds, I have taken a couple bears one that was 325 pounds and this one looks smaller for sure than the 325 pounder. But probably close to 275 I think.
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