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May 22, 2012
Brookston, MN
You're going to bait?
I live in northern MN and I have bears come and eat just plain old corn I put out, the 50lb bag for like $8 stuff... had 3 different bears out here last year and I only have 2.5 acres. One was a giant sow, really thick neck.

Suppose one tip would be to use branches, logs, rocks, from around the area to block the bait a little and make it so the bear will come in and give you a broadside shot when eating the bait.

They'll look for the easiest way to get at the bait, so it doesn't take a ton of stuff to guide them how you want them.

You may also benefit from having a predator call on you, something that'll make a little fawn in distress, rabbit in distress is fine too.
If you have a bear that just won't cooperate, give him a little dying animal on the call and see if you can get what you need to get the shot.

Oh, another thing, if you aren't allowed to bait year round, look into the law and similar law, if scenting isn't outlawed you can get bears into the area a lot sooner using scent, then bait when allowed.

Something like a beaver carcass in a bag, hang it at the bait site so they can't get to it (high up and away from a tree trunk), that scent will spread and you can have bears come from miles around to investigate. Not even a bad idea while you're baiting to keep it there.

I'm not a baiting guy, but it seems to always be part of the DVDs and books and such, so those tips tend to be a few things that stuck with me.


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Apr 15, 2013
Start talking to the bakeries in your area and get all the day-old you can fit in your freezer now. Pastries are good, caramel is better and molasses is good too. Tuna is good, the cheaper the better. If you have acorns in the area rake em up and add em to the pile. They will stop on bait if there is a good acorn crop, but they are eaten up quick so don't get discouraged. Have some good weight to your bait container or a solid lid, the raccoons will eat you out of house and home. If the station is coon proof even if the game cameras take a crap, you still know it was bears if the station is tipped over. And then game cams. Important to get times in and out. try to stay consistent with bait times and method. If you use a 4 wheeler to get bait in, always use a 4 wheeler. they will pattern on whatever dinner bell you set up. That said, try to bait early afternoon or very early morning if you will be hunting mornings and then when season starts have someone with you when you drop bait, get on stand, and have them leave like normal. My bear this year only waited 15 minutes after the bait was dropped and walked right up the 4 wheeler trail to the bait. Bait set at 4:05, bear dead at 4:25. Use a reticle you can pick up in low light that will show up on dead flat black. A tiny FFP reticle can be very hard to pick up on that black hair when you are powered all the way down to see in that last 20 minutes of shooting. Lastly, make sure you have good head lamps in case your bear decides to play hide and seek after you thump him. It can be pretty warm still, and it is important to get that bear dressed and cooling as soon as possible. Have a plan to track your bear if need be. My plan always involves a shotgun and a second person, but as of yet I have not had to find a lively one. When picking the second person to hunt with always remember, you don't have to out run a wounded bear, just the person with you! (old tiger hunting joke cleaned up for younger audiences).
P.S. Trick enosis is no joke, cook your bear to medium well or better.


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May 10, 2016
I’ll suggest molasses on an ol log or stump with some corn . Bears love it also they’ll get it on their paws and leave scent trails for others to follow back


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Dec 10, 2010
Fall hunt is very hard to pull bears away from natural food,
Bear needs 15,000-20,000 calories a day in the fall
The best way to do it is lots sweets, and lots bait


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