Bear Hunt

Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
Is anyone interested in a Black Bear hunt in N. Saskatchewan involving some long range shooting and instruction. This is a short notice deal, but there might be a few folks with an itch to kill a big bear, some holiday time and a few extra bucks.

Steve Suttles, rifle instructor at the Badlands Tactical Training is coming to Sask to hunt in Sept. and there are some openings in the camp. I expect that the outfitter would cut a pretty attractive price given this late booking situation. Steve could be talked into giving a long range seminar during the mornings and mid-day until the bear hunting started.

The camp is first class, outfitter is great, excellent equipment and best of all - big bears, virtually no hunting pressure.

If there is any interest please contact me and I will get more details.
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