beam scale


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Dec 26, 2015
I'm thinking of having an Ohaus 10-10 re-calibrated by Scott Parker in California. I got his contact info here on another thread. He only takes checks and pay-pal. Has anyone done business with him?
Thanks y'all
Curious to hear too. I just got a 5-10 on eBay today. I’m impressed but would love to know it’s nuts on.

Once you get ahold of him if you wouldn’t mind sharing his thoughts/costs/process.

I talked to Scott and he seems a nice guy. Yes, he could tune and re-calibrate my 10-10 for a bit over 100$ including shipping. However, he had a tuned and calibrated Ohaus 505 that was priced right and I ordered it. It is to ship next week. I'll let you know how it goes.
Get a set of test weights and play with your scale before spending a lot of $$. See if 5 10 15 50 etc etc are spot on after leveling the scale to zero at zero. It may need nothing. Beam scales when they are on, are on. They cannot be made much better. The magnetic dampening is nice. If they are off, the problem will be, if I have it correct, that it will measure accurately though parts of their range. So low end or middle or top. If I had one like that, I'd get someone like Scott re-calibrate and figure out what was wrong......
Just snagged a RCBS 5-10 after being crushed on eBay bidding on a Lyman. Then in pure luck snagged a good deal on a Lyman M5 today on eBay. I got some test weights and am really impressed with the 5-10.

I tried to post a video that shows (at least in my mind) it can resolve a tad better than .1g (test weight is .86grains). Video showed at .8 it’s a shade off centered. Then twist the tenth element to between .8 and .9 and its nuts on. Pretty cool. Now if it’s repeatable and I would call it accuracy is still TBD.
Awesome. I’m having “fun” with the M5 and 510. Weird the 510 doesn’t get more recognition. The screw tenths element is really cool and appears to up the accuracy a bit.

I just ordered one of the on sale TRX-925s (electronic) to check that out. Will likely have to sell the 510 or M5 if I decide to keep the electronic scale.

Something about the beam scales though just feels like I’m reloading ;)