BC software for i Phone or ipod touch???

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Nov 23, 2009

do any of you know where i can get BC software for a I Phone or ipod touch any input would be awsome thank you for your time
Are you only looking for something that lists the BC's? Or do you want a ballistic program? If you're looking for a ballistic program for Iphone and Itouch, the Ballistic FTE program works very well. They have a $10 and $20 version that you can download from Itunes. On this program, you can input the bullet you are using from a list and it will automatically input the BC info.
There are several applications for the Iphone. I use the ballistic FTE program. It is $20.00 from the App store and does everything I want including pulling up the nearest weather station.:)
I have iSnipe ($4.99) and FTE. Both give me basically the same dope with conditions the same. I like that FTE gives spin drift and coriolis affect because I shoot out to 2000 pretty regular. Also has the ballistics library. Good stuff.

For the money I would do iSnipe. It gave me good dope at 2000 in several different instances. Also I was able to get a first round kill on a baboon in Namibia last summer using iSnipe at 1456 yards.

Just my .2
Another vote for FTE. I like the HUD mode where you can just scroll the wheels. It will also compensate for angle if you turn it on and lay it on your scope. I've never checked the accuracy of that feature but I plan to soon because it might be a good time saver while hunting
I have Bulletflight 3.1.0 on my iPOD touch. Cost me $29.99 from iTUNES.

BulletFlt L1 -- base version. $3.99 in the USA.

BulletFlt L2 -- $11.99 in the USA.

BulletFlight Military Version -- $29.99 in the USA.

Thanks guys I did go with the ballistics fte I love the wheel in the HUD one
question though is it as complicated as it looks? This is the first ballistices progam
I got other than the one I got in Brian book.any suggestions on seting any of settings??? Thank you for the replies
Check this site.
Ballistic: The Pro Ballistic Trajectory Calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch
Basically you hit trajectory at the bottom of the page and when the nextpage comes up, hit the blue arrow at ballistic coefficient and look up your bullet Then just fill in the rest of the page until you get to calculate trajectory. hit that and it will calulate your drops etc. save it to favorites and when you come back the next time on the first page hit the arrrow below balistics profile and it will take you to favorites where you pull up the round you are working with and can make changes to the info and then hit hud and there you are.
Hope that helps
Do you have to have an internet connection to use these programs? I'm trying to decide to buy an ipod touch or just a palm to run ballistic programs. many times where I hunt I have no internet access. Thanks
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