BC of amax


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Mar 17, 2002
I have been shooting the 140g 6.5 Amax and the BC works out to be close the the .618
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Jul 27, 2001
The Hornady BC are very conservative. Run this through your Ballistic program and see some eye opening performance.

165gr SST at 2700fps. 28min to 1000yds
165gr SST at 2950fps. 23min to 1000yds
155gr Amax at 3250fps. 23min to 1000yds

A whole bunch higher then printed. Love these SST's.



The ballistic coefficient of a bullet can vary over .060 when shot out of the same gun with a variety of different loads. One could imagine a large variance for a particular bullet when shot out of different cartridges and different guns.

When hunting in Wyoming at 5000 feet above sea level the 30 Wolf will shoot the 178 gr. Amax 18 MOA up from 100 yards to 1000 yards. At sea level it is 20 minutes up from 100 yards to 1000 yards.

A bullet with a properly designed boat tail, and a favorable relationship of center of pressure to center of gravity will actually see a rise in ballistic coefficient at long-range. A bullet that is not designed optimally will usually see the ballistic coefficient decrease as velocity decreases.
one must shoot a particular bullet out of their own gun to determine what the actual ballistic coefficient will be.

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