BC Goat Hunt rifle suggestions

Yeah,a short ,light stainless rifle would be ideal. I hunt goats every year and often carry the rifle bandolier style so I have both hands free for climbing.
I shot mine with a Kimber Montana in .243. I use a 95 gr. bonded bullet for a 302 yard shot. He stood for a moment before rolling over. I had a custom .358 STA at the time, but was hunting at close to 12000' and wanted the lightest rifle I had.
I've packed this pig from time to time it is 8.5 lbs

--I have a hight tec stocked 6.5-284 that is 7lbs even up--and it would get my nod--the lighter the better...

Have a mountain goat hunt in BC this coming fall and I was wondering what rifle I should bring. Should I bring one I already own or pick up a new lightweight rig. I have a custom 300WM in a manners that weighs in at about 14lbs however i am concerned about weight. Any affordable rifle suggestions? I really like the christensen arms rogue, but would like to hear some opinions. Thanks!
Goat hunting implies lots of climbing and hiking over rough terrain. Typically for those of us in tip top shape. A lightweight rifle scoped and loaded no more then 7.5 lbs. Goats have narrow chests, fast expanding bullets are best. A 270 win, 6.5, 7/08 or .308 win are just fine. Long range shooting in mountains is extremely difficult due to impossible and totally unpredictable winds to read. Climb up there where the goats are with a light rifle and gear and take your chances at sane distances.

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