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Jan 27, 2004
I'd like a little input. I have a medium range (600-1000 yds) rifle chambered in .30-06. I have an opportunity to pick up a Bausch & Lomb model 4200 Elite Rainguard scope to put on it. The scope is 6 X 24 with a 40mm objective with target knobs and a duplex recticle.

The asking price is only 1/4 of the list and the scope is new in the box.

Any one have any experience with the upper level B&L scopes?
Check if that scope has 1/8 minute adjustments and what the total adjustment lattitude is. The scope that I have and others I have seen in the field will not provide enough adjustment to get past 500 yards or so, depending on the caliber and the base used.
I have seen several of these scopes traded off because they did not have enough lattitude for LR use.
Other than that they are nice scopes, sharp and reliable.
total internal elevation adjustment is 20 MOA.

Unless you have a tapered mount and/or adjustable rings, and/or perhaps a mil-dot reticle to utilize for holdover aiming, you will run out of up very quickly, perhaps even not much past a 100y zero depending on your rifle receiver/base/ring setup.

Good optics, and very long scope. But certainly there are much better choices for longer range shooting due to its limited internal adjustment.
I have owned several and still use one on my LR rifle. The internal adjustment should be 25min. This is fine for flat shooting cartridges but not the '06.

To use this scope, you can shim so that the zero (full down elevation on the knob) is around 12" high at 100yds which puts you in the 400 to 500yd zero. That way you have the adjustment to make it out to 1000yds.

They are wonderful scopes but limited in internal adjustments. With shimmed bases and/or Burris Sig rings, they can easily be adapted to work. For the money, they are fantastic scopes and getting one for cheap is even better.

If you are not interested in buying it, I would be...

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