Bausch and Lomb and Bushnell.

I have a Bausch and Lomb 6x24x40 elite 4200.It is in my opinion a superb scope,every bit as good as those costing far more.I now want the 4x16x50 elite 4200 but find the brand name has changed to Bushnell.Are the Elite 4200 scopes sold by Bushnell the same as my Bausch and Lomb?Been to their Website but could find no answer other than they are honouring B/L warranties.
Any help and opinions on this would be appreciated.

I am sorry, I re-read my post. It should state, "That all Elites are now under the Bushnell name"

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Jon,i am not sure i understand your answer.Are you saying that the Bushnell Elites are in no way connected to the now defunct Bausch and Lomb Elites?
Your help and patience in this matter is most appreciated.
If I am not mistaken, before my start in the optics business. Bausch & Lomb started the Elite series with the 3000 & 4000. Then they added the rainguard feature, making them the 3200 & 4200 series. Bushnell took the name over and they have stayed the same ever since. They are basically the same scopes.
As i can see by your post you work within the optics industry,therefore your opinion is most welcome.
If i may refer you to my original question,are the Bushnell elites the same scopes as my Bausch and Lomb elite.I do not want to purchase a Bushnell only to find it bares no resemblance to my Bausch and Lomb.
Once again thank you for your help.
Thank you for your help.
Visited your OPTIC ZONE web page,excellent!,i now have a viable alternative to Bear Basin when looking for optics.
once again,thank you.
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