Bat actions

Big Sky

Feb 26, 2002
Northeast Montana
A buddy of mine was talking about Bat actions the other day. I wanted to see what they looked like but I can't seem to find a picture of one on the net or a website. You can only imagine the results I got when I tried to run a search with the key words "bat actions". If anyone knows where I can get a look at this action on the net please let me know? Thanks.
here is BAT's website

Also Steve Shelp has a 338 Lapua improved with a BAT action, there are pictures of his rifle on the board (do a search for 338 Lapua improved posted by Steve, you should find it easily)
As I recall, BAT is based in Rathdrum, Idaho which would be a much easier drive for you if you were in Missoula!

They advertise in Precision Shooting magazine, with the slogan 'Buy the best and cry once'. I suppose that means that they are not cheap. Some fellows here in northern CA use BAT actions for 1,000y benchrest, and like them a lot.
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