BAT action build "NEED ADVICE"


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Dec 4, 2008
hauser, id.
Hi guys....I've decided to build a rifle starting from a custom action this time and have decided on the BAT remington drop in. I only live about two miles from Bruce Thom (BAT) so had a long chat with him yesterday. This will be a long action with integral lug, 20 moa integral picatinny rail, and his new surface hardening process which comes out jet black and is as silky smooth as any action I have ever seen. He can have the action ready by the end of Dec. I ordered a repeater, but may change to a single shot? What are your thoughts on that as far as accuracy difference etc? I have used Lilja and Bartlein barrels in the past and have had good luck with both but I am also considering a Krieger? I am thinking something around a Sendero contour or maybe a #6 or #7 in 28". I will be chambering it in my .300 Sherman case and will shoot my 190 SXR's at 3000-3050'. This is intended for canyon busting, not packing. I'll use my 6.5 for that. I already have a jewell trigger and an H-S thumbhole sporter that I COULD use. What other stock manufacturers /designs do you guys like? My other rifles have 6.5x20 Zeiss Conquest scopes which I like but I am also looking at the SIII 8x32 long range. Any thoughts on that or others in the price range?
I would REALLY appreciate input from some of you experienced guys. Thanks......Rich