SOLD/EXPIRED Bases and Rings

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    Jul 14, 2008
    I have a bunch of stuff lying around and need to clean up a bit.

    NEW Leupold STD 700 Bases Matte $13
    NEW Leupold STD Rings Matte $19

    I have a few bases and rings in Low, Med and High so let me know.

    I may have some take-off stuff lying around that would be a bit cheaper (set of silver, 700 1pc base, T/C Encore base, etc.)

    I have a NEW Remington R3 (Simms Limbsaver) recoil pad for Syn stocks (fits most Rems 870, 700, etc) $24

    Prices are TYD
    USPS, Paypal or Gpal

    Please PM
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