Bartlein Carbon, manners “ta”, anti action


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Feb 19, 2015
I have everything here to build a 7saum but found one already built just as I received everything to build one. My loss is your gain. I will break up the parts but would prefer to sell as complete.
-Manners "ta" w/mini chassis, carbon stock with high plains camo defiance action, proof sendero inlet, $1,050.00 shipped
-SOLD...Defiance anti medium action w/mag bolt face $900.00 shipped.
-Bartlein carbon fiber m24-m40 contour 24" 1:9 twist barrel $675.00 shipped
If you buy all the parts I'll sell for $2,450.00. Again my loss is your gain. All parts are brand new. Action is still at gunsmiths as I haven't even transferred it into my name yet. I have paid $2,900.00 in parts here for this build. Just need to recoup some of my money back. Thanks,

have Redding dies and Norma brass as well as Hornady lock and load land finder I'll add in for $200.00. All new as well.


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Also have 100 PCs of Norma brass, Redding competition dies, and Hornady lock and load land finder I'd sell for an extra $200.00 for it all

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