Bartlein carbon fiber prefits from Straight Jacket Armory


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Mar 16, 2020
Hey Shooters!

Straight Jacket Armory has grown to be one of the top prefit barrel makers in the US, putting out some insanely accurate shooting rifles and barrels.

Straight Jacket Armory is now offering prefit carbon fiber barrels from Bartlein!!
Check out the link ----> Custom Bartlein Carbon Fiber Pre-Fits!

For LRH members: Use discount code TL77 and get $50 OFF and FREE SHIPPING on your prefit barrel order!

If you have any questions or would like to place an order call Straight Jacket Armory at (307) 707-3181 Ext 1

Shoot Straight!

Bartlein barrels are legendary for their quality and accuracy. Very very accurate barrels! A big chunk of pro PRS and NRL shooters run Bartlein barrels on their competition rifles.

If you need help or have more questions please give Straight Jacket Armory (www.straightjacketarmory) a call at 307 707-3181 Ext 1
Unfortunately, on the page at, neither are in the list of choices for Chamber selection. :)

That said, hoping to get my freshly delivered 25SST from you guys out this weekend.
We do offer them :)

Apologies that these are not on the website presently, we are great gunsmiths but not so great at the web development stuff. We will update the calibers on the website soon.



Straight Jacket Armory
307 707-3181 Ext 1
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