Barrett Fieldcraft 30-06


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Jan 10, 2008
Mesa, CO
I am selling my Barrett Fieldcraft 30-06 rifle. New this summer, broke it in then took it to Alaska for my Dall Sheep Hunt. I shot it approximately 120 times working up a load for my 175 Barnes LRX’s. The load I settled on was 54.3 grains RL 16, FED 210 GM, 3.364" OAL. I got them to shoot right at 1 MOA out to 450 yards, but didn't shoot it beyond that. The rifle was great to pack around the hills, but I shoot a slightly heavier rifle with a thumbhole stock better. Going to build a 280 AI. This rifle is in good shape but does have character marks from the sheep hunt. There are a few small scratches in the stock, one small dinger in the butt plate between the pad and stock, a small ding on the outer end of barrel, and some marks on the barrel from being strapped to my stone glacier pack. I believe they showed up in the pictures reasonably well. The rings come with the rifle and are Talley 30mm. Asking $1350 tyd for a proven sheep bang stick. I do have dies and once fired brass available if interested as well as loaded ammo (recipe above)
if you are local or willing to pay shipping.
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