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    Nov 29, 2004
    Does anyone have any expierince with E.R. Shaw barrels?
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    I load for a guy that had Shaw barrel his gun , it shoots pretty well , better than factory , fouls a little less than factory , I'd say their about the same grade as Douglas.
    I believe you money would be beter spent going with a
    What is it you looking for ?
  3. bcd

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    Nov 29, 2004
    I currently have a rem 700 in 270win that is fairly old and in the past two years started stringing shots. I was considering a bull-barreled 270ai and a new custom stock. I'll mostly use it for hunting but the range that I'm a member of is talking about starting a summer rifle league (only 200 yards) that I'll most likely shoot in also.
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    About 5 years ago I had them rebarrel my sendero to a 7mm stw. Reading article after article on barrel harmonics and weight and this and that I was looking forward to a very accurate barrel.
    It wasnt, might as well had a shotgun it patterened so bad at 100 yards that I took the barrel off and bought a video from American Gunsmithing Insititute and replaced it with a Lilja and finally got my accurate barrel.
    Yes they are cheap and at the time when I wanted my rifle in the STW caliber I didnt have the money to send it to Lilja or Shilen to get it rebarreled.
    I wasted my money and time by going with E.R. Shaw. From what I've been told the rifling on their barrels is very shallow and the steel isnt of the same quality as some of the rest of the barrel makers i.e. Shilen, Lilja, Douglas, Hart, Pacnor and a few others.
    I would not go with an E.R. Shaw barrel stick with what wins and one of the barrels I mentioned above.
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    Bryan , if that is as far as your gonna be shooting or even out to 500yds or so and you plan on doing some hand loading and informal BR shooting then I would recomend a differant caliber , not because the 270 is a bad choice but their arn't many target bullets out their for it. The 280Ai is a great choice or 6.5-06 , lots of good bullet for those two.
    Hell their isin't any reason that you can't build a 308 on the long action , tons of good bullets for them and lots of good factory match ammo.
    Either way I'd have a differant barrel than Shaw put on it , at least a Pac-Nor. Pac-nor will do the whole barreling job for ya for less than $500 and Hart will do it for a little bit more.
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    Jun 12, 2004
    The ecomony barrels are more of a crap shoot then anything else. I have fitted some very low priced barrels that shot into groups so small I would be called a liar if I said how small.

    Have also fitted some cheaper barrels that were very accurate but also extremely poor copper foulers.

    Theres have had some serious stresses show up when the barrel warms.

    I would say the majority of the ecomomy line barrels I have fitted have been better then factory in accuracy and generally at least as good in bore finish.

    Still there are more problems then I care to deal with.

    Even though yousave on the barrel you still have to pay good money for a proper barrel fitting if you want any chance of a fine shooting rifle. Problem is with some of these barrels, even if it is fitted perfectly they still won't shoot to the level the top end barrels will.

    It is no secret that I highly recommend Lilja barrels and if I build a rifle for myself and Lilja offers the twist I need, I use them exclusively. Still I know full well that any or the top end barrels will produce fine quality rifles.

    Kreiger, Hart, Rock and Pac-Nor Super Match are just a few that will give you eveything you could want if they are fitted properly.

    My advise is to spend another $150 over the price of the cheaper barrels and know what you are getting.

    I use Lilja barrels because I know every barrel that is shipped out of his shop has teh potential to produce true BR quality accuracy. Weither they do this is up to me as a gun builder, so far I have yet to be unimpressed with even a single Lilja barrel.

    Peace of mind is well worth the extra cost.

    Good Shooting!!

    Kirby Allen(50)