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Apr 24, 2009
Pocatello, ID
I know that 1-10 twist is common on a 300 wm. Today I was on bergers website and they recomend a 1-11 twist for there 210's. Is there a benefit of haveing a 1-11 twist over 1-10? I know that the 1-11 will stabilize all of the bullets up to the 210's. What is the advantage of the 1-11 twist?



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Apr 11, 2009
Eastern Colorado
According to theory, you can get higher velocities with a looser twist but not much in the larger calibers. This is often a question for the .22 calibers where the twists can go from 14 to 7.5 .

My 300 WM with a 10 twist would push a 165 SGK to 3300 fps hot loaded with 77+ grains of RL 22. (Please approach this in 1/2 grain steps steps.) :D
I don't believe an 11 twist would have done much for me. I would rather have the tighter twist to stabilize the heavier VLD bullets at long range.

Good Shooting

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Jan 6, 2003
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It is a widely known fact that the least amount twist nessecary to stabilize the bullet the better the accuracy potential. Any time you increase the the spin rate of the bullet the more minor flaws in the bullet become evident in your groups. Granted you dont want to be too slow either. A stability factor should be between 1.2 and 1.5 for optimal results although anything higher than 1.0 is concidered stable. What you dont want is 1.2 when in warm temps and higher altitudes because then at lower altitudes in colder air, you may be running on the line. However in cold dense air, 1.2 is more than acceptable. The 210 VLD in an 11x barrel at sea level in -25 degrees F. will still be stable.

If you think you might ever shoot the 240 SMK, you should go with the 10x. If you know you are going to keep it to 210 grains or less, the 11x will serve you just fine. All other factors being equal the 11x will generate less pressure at equal velocity over a 10x. Also there will be less radial torque during the shot with a slower twist.

Some may argue this point, but there are more benefits to using the right twist for the job than going faster than what is needed. Spinning a bullet faster than needed offers more spin drift, more pressure, more radial torque and less accuracy potential however, in SOME cases can help a bullet pass through the transonic barrier and survive. However, I dont know many hunters who care to hit game with bullets going sub-sonic.

The bottom line is that there will be little difference between the 11x and the 10x as far as the 210 class pills are concerned where the difference between 11x and 9x is getting rediculous.

Pick one and be happy.


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