barrel issues at 200 rounds????

tobacco road

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Dec 27, 2014
oakdale ca,
Hey everyone, I have a question regarding a new barrel. I have a 6.5 stw a 28"hart1-8 twist shooting 140gr. Bergers at 3450fps. Accuracy was never a problem until the past few weeks. I'm getting close to 2"groups at 100 yards, I was having a 150 fps diviation problem but now that that is worked out I'm still shooting horrible groups?!?!?! Yeah I know I'm shooting an over bore round but I only have about 200 rounds down the tube. Is it possible my throat is already eroded that bad?? I cannot get my hands on a bore scope to get to the bottom of this but my scope mounts are tight and I do every possible to prep my brass I'm seating bullets .0010 off lands. I hear people mention getting special barrels to shoot berger bullets like ratcheting 3 grove and what not can someone give the run down on what works best for bergers at somewhat the velocity I'm at? In case I need to re barrel.

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