Barrel blocks / barrel mounting


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Oct 7, 2013
I need to learn about how to mount and clamp a heavy barrel
into a stock, in conjunction with floating the action.

If you bed the barrel and the recoil lug, I would think the forces
involved with recoil would be adequately transferred to the stock.
So then, how is the barrel held onto the stock ? First thing that comes
to my mind is a series of heavy leather or nylon straps with buckles
for tightening. I suppose one could machine up some saddle-shaped
caps out of metal or plastic but then you still have the task of fastening
down the barrel. I would shy away from a Marlin-type barrel strap.
None of these designs would necessarily look pretty but for me
this does not matter much.

Can anyone critique these ideas or add more ?
Thanks a bunch !


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Nov 24, 2008
SW Montana
The one's I've seen have been two aluminum blocks with a barrel hole through them, the bottom one is permanently inletted and epoxied into the stock then the top is bolted down the sides clamping the straight portion of the shank ahead of the action floating the action behind it and the barrel ahead of it.

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Apr 21, 2003
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Trying to support this long of barrel by bedding the stock farther out would be an accuracy disaster. I bet you would hear the two slapping against each other as it was fired. Even if you didn't it would be like two rulers tacked together on one end.

The giant clamp is best way. The block cap can be made very slim and use small cap screws down each side to clamp the top down. A way to hide the block so the scope can sit close and the rifle appear as any conventional rifle is to drill four 1/4-28 holes in the bottom of the barrel and bolt it into the barrel block from below with a nice skim bedding between the barrel and the block. It's a lot easier if you have your barrel made with a straight cylinder in the area the barrel block is scheduled to be attached. Either way the action will be fully floated. Depending on the caliber you could still bed the rear of the recoil lug

The real advantage of this arraignment is the barrel will think it's only as long as what ever is on the muzzle end of the block. This gets rid of a lot of barrel whip.

I never did catch what caliber this monster barrel is going to be. A 50BMG or Chey Tac would be a few that could actually utilize this long of barrels but you wouldn't be looking at Remington 700's for such a beast. I'm doing a 375 Chey Tac right now and it will be hanging 34" 1.350" tapered to 1" Krieger fully floated on a 1.6" Stiller single shot.


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Apr 8, 2012
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Barrel block mounting systems are "regular" fair in benchrest. I have one in 300RUM.

As was said there is a machined saddle and cap. The saddle is inlet into the stock. Bedded or permanently glued there.

The recoil lug is eliminated.

Search for it and look at the images.:D