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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'd like to try reloading some of the barnes Xlc bullets for my 300 WSM Cyote. I've been shooting Game kings. Anyway, do I need to do anything special to the barrel cleaning or otherwise before shooting these? And, if I decide I don't like them..Will the coating affect my barrel in anyway for going back to sierra bullets.


  2. Varmint Hunter

    Varmint Hunter Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2001
    It is a very good idea to clean your bore completely before switching to Barnes bullets.
    I would use an aggressive copper remover (following manufacturers directions) followed by several short stroked patches with JB compound. This should do a good job of removing both carbon & copper. Finish by allowing some copper cleaner to soak for a bit, followed by a few clean patches to ensure that no blue/green appears on the final patches.

    Frankly, I have had bad luck with Barnes X and XLC bullets. The newest Barnes TSX seems to be their best design and far more rifles seem to be able to shoot them accurately than any of their previous bullets. Much less copper fouling too.

    Good luck and remember the basic rules for shooting X bullets.

    1. Start with a squeeky clean barrel
    2. Load bullets aprox .030" off the rifling
    to start. Longer leads also work well.
    3. Medium burning rate powders (within the recommended class) often produce the best accuracy.

    Just a few tips that have worked in the past.

  3. Brent

    Brent Well-Known Member

    Jun 12, 2001
    The 150 XLC BT shoots great in my Son's 308 win. Doesn't matter what's been through it before hand it seems. They do foul less. They also produce lower pressure, and in the end you can get better MV from them.

    I use 47gr RL15 in his 308 and get 2850 in that 20" barrel.

    I clean the same as always.
  4. johnny k.

    johnny k. Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2004
    I too have had good luck and accuracy with the 85gr XLC in my .243 and the 100gr TSX in my .25-06. Velocity is over 3200fps for both bullets. Accuracy in my 26" Douglas barreled Browning BLR (.243) is 1/2" (and better), however, my .25-06 Sendero is simply amazing with an almost max load of RL22 and CCI BR2's. I have yet to shoot anything worse than .4's with this load. Deer simply can't stand it.
    My cleaning routine hasn't changed and fouling isn't any worse than if I was using Sierra's or Nosler's. I've always used Barnes CR-10 in cleaning my barrels, then a liberal amout of Kroil/Marvel Mystery Oil mixture, then dry patch. Good luck. Johnny K.
  5. Michael Eichele

    Michael Eichele Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    I would heed BH's advice on cleaning B4 switching to the X bullet, even if it is the XLC type. JB bore compound would be a very wise choice. Just be sure to use a good solvent to get ALL of the JB out before firing. Also B4 your 1st shot, run a patch with some thin oil down the barrel.
  6. Michael Eichele

    Michael Eichele Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2003

    I just noticed Brent's statment of 47 grains of RL-15 and the 150 XLC in 308 and that is the exact same recipe I have. I get right at 2900 FPS with a 24" tube. Accuracy is .5 MOA.