Barnes TTSX vs Nosler Accubonds


Dec 20, 2012
New South Wales Australia
For me the cost of the pill is irrelevant. The amount I spend on fuel etc to have a good shot and not have the bullet do its job on a great animal would be disappointing.

The Nosler Accubond is a great pill and very accurate albeit a bit softer than the TTSX. My brother uses 140 grain ABs in his custom #1 in 6.5X55 at 2860 fps. They group consisten 0.75MOA and perform well on game of small to medium.

I shoot 130 grain TTSXs from my 270Win at 3050fps. On big deer they are great. The picture below is of the bullet recoverd from a 2/3 grown Sambar shot at about 100 yards. Hit point of right shoulder smashing the ball joint, scapula and breaking that lower leg bone. The bullet passed on through the vitals and found just under the skin in front of the tip of the left hip.


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