Barnes 145 LRX vs 162 ELDX

Andrew Massi

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Jun 4, 2018
Lincoln Ca
Just chiming in again.Working up loads for the 145 LRX. Groups were poor with 80.5 and 80.7grns of IMR 7828. Groups were amazing with 81 grains. I then loaded 81.3 and 81.6, scattered groups. But... at 81.9 and 82.2, groups are again amazing. I'm tempted to keep climbing but if accuracy good enough at 82.2, I should probably stop there to help my rifle's throat. Next, I'll try that load at 300 yds.Anyone see something wrong with my thinking, please chime in.My Elk hunt is in November.
My experience with the 145 lrx: once I found a relative accurate velocity node the load really tightened up with seating depth changes. For me that happened to be 3370 fps out of a factory 7mm weatherby.