Barn find


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Mar 7, 2016
Hey, I ended up with the old gunsmiths barn and he was a hoarder of sorts , every time I walk in there I just shake my head and laugh a little.
His family also operated the stage from horse and buggy days through when it changed to cars .
Here’s a pic of my friend (the kid ) , and his father with horse and buggy.
The one with the old car is my friends father driving.
I can't even imagine the gems you'll find in there. California was once a "outdoors-man's" mecca. I'd walk around the old Fed Ordinance looking through hundreds and hundreds of parts kits. All the police turn ins that would be displayed. A gunsmith I knew bedded some of Roy Weatherby's rifles, and so did one of my student's uncle. A barn in California could preserve many gems. Envy is an ugly thing lol. Keep them coming buddy!

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