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Apr 12, 2002
Loon Lake WA
I'd like to make a ballistic table for a 300 Weatherby using 190 grain SMK's,R25 powder. Starting load will be 78 grains working up into the high 80's. I do not own any programs to help me with this. I suspect velocity to be somewhere around 2900 to 3100 fps when through working the load. Any recomendations would be appreciated, thanks all, littletoes. long-distance,the next best thing to being there

Welcome to Long Range Hunting.

It'll help to know the temperature and elevation you expect to be in when hunting.

There was very recently a thread about creating a "Drop Chart", this thread should give you enough info to get setup very well. If you can't find it, I dig through and link some things here.
Hi Littletoes,

Here is a link that has a few ballistic programs.

The Point Blank one it is nice and the price is right. It gives a graphic drop chart out to 500 but the data goes out to 1000. I mainly use it for the load database. You can enter actual groups on a target associated with the load. Kinda neat. HPA
Hey Dave and Hoyt, have just purchased 100 pieces-Norma brass to start working on that load, only problem- I DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO ANY YET! Driving me crazy! Spring time blues. littletoes.
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