Ballistic Program

I have both.......NO CONTEST...

The scope reticle analysis is awesome!
especially with the NP-R2 reticle
I agree with John all the way! Exbal blows Horus Visions away, even their new program! Exbal is way cheaper too, get that one.
Do you folks have a web site for these programs? I found one at under calcuations, called Ballistics v1 that works smooth on my Palm but I'm always open to something better.
Bigdog, Exbal is at...
Exbal Site

I might add that the Exbal program also works with the older Palm III PDA's as well. When I bought Exbal it hadn't been tested by perry systems for compatibility but it works fine. I just saw one on Ebay for $26 and the cradle to Hotsync with a computer for $5. Won't be out much if you drop it in a creek somewhere.


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Yeah, i'm a firm believer in Exbal too. That reticle analysis is incredible. I use it for my Burris ballistic reticles, and plex reticles (user-defined) for myself + friends. That power factor calculation is pretty neat too. There's no comparison.
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