Not disputing but talking to George, 95% is what was said.
In the typical hit at say 2400-2500 fps impact velocity that does not strike bone the only loss of weight is due mostly to ejection of the tip which on average weigh about 2 grains depending on the bullet. In some instances a higher impact velocity happens and petal shearing can occur. If the shot is well placed, the vital organs will suffer catastrophic damage in any case. For those who like to raise skepticism about how effective our bullets are, and like, for the sake of argument, pick apart what we say on " theoretical grounds"all I can say if you haven't used the bullets in multiple hunting situations and witnessed their effectiveness first hand, the arguments are born from inexperience and are of questionable validity.
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It's a consequence of the high impact stress forces exceeding the shear stress of the copper but by the time the shear occurs the bullet has traveled about 10", so in a right angle impact the bullet is about to exit the animal and gone through the width of the animal in an expanded state. Remember, animals are not homogeneous targets like gel. They have lungs which are much less dense than bone, and even within a type of bone the thickness and hardness can vary at different places on that bone. Glancing hits on bone like a rib can cause the bullet to tumble and create a different internal wound channel than if the bullet entered in between ribs. This should be obvious to those who are experienced hunters and carefully examine their wound channels. The photo is of a wound channel done by a Badlands bullet as a consequence of a frontal chest shot on a deer along with commentary by the hunter who has harvested multiple Deer with his Badlands bullets. Clearly the bullet path is much less homogeneous and harder on the bullet than gel, but clearly the bullets are very effective.
This account of that customer's experience clearly illustrates the tenacity of the Badlands bullets and the value of not losing too much weight. The heavier 30 cal and 338 cal bullets are even more devastating.
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