Back-Up Plan! Savage .300 WSM vs. A-bolt Stainless .300 WM?

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  1. Canadian Hunter

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    Aug 18, 2003
    Urgent- [​IMG]

    Hi all!
    I’d like to thank everyone who’s e-mailed/PM’ed me over the past couple of months.

    1. I’ve placed an order for a Savage model 16 Left-hand, Stainless Steel, Synthetic in .300 WSM.

    Unfortunately, the rifle has not come into Canada yet, and the rifle is still backordered- it may come in 2-3 weeks. (I have two hunts booked for late October/November).

    2. I’ve just found a gunsmith who has a new in box Browning A-Bolt II, Stainless Stalker in .300 Win. Mag. --He’s had it for 4 years and is willing to sell it to me for $250 less than any other gun store in Canada- about $300 Canadian more than the Savage would cost.

    Differences between Savage and Browning ($300 more) is as follows:
    1..300WSM vs. .300WM
    2. 6 3/4 pounds vs. 7 pounds 3 ounces
    3. 43 3/4 inches vs. 46 3/4 inches
    4. Slightly better stock and trigger on Browning than Savage
    5. Savage supposed to be slightly more accurate than the Browning

    I was looking for a cheaper short-term alternative to a custom mountain rifle. I want something reasonable light, yet accurate. I will be hunting a range of animals from sheep to deer to elk to black bear.


    Should I strongly consider this Browning A-bolt as a back-up, in case the Savage doesn’t come through? Or is the Browning a much better buy considering both rifles and prices?

    Keeping in mind that for $300 canadian difference, I can add a better trigger to the Savage, install a better recoil pad and rebed/stregthen the stock.
  2. daveosok

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    For 300 you should be able to add a custom barrel and chamber work for a truly accurate rifle over the stock version if I'm reading what your saying correctly.
  3. bblaine2k

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    Jun 25, 2003
    What a decision to make! Sorry for your dilemma.

    If it were me, if I already owned a rifle that would work (even if not perfectly suited for the upcoming hunt) I'd probably take that before buying another rifle (the Browning) as insurance for the one you already backordered (the Savage).

    If you absolutely don't have a gun to take on the upcoming hunt then you definitely need one from the guide, a hunting buddy or someone. I'd borrow one before I'd buy what amounts to essentially two rifles for the same purpose. The reason being, like Daveosk mentioned, is that you can really custom work that savage with the money you'd spend on the browning.

    If you really want the insurance of having your own gun (the browning) you probably could sell/trade it off when you're done and still come out o.k. since you'd be getting a $250 cut below any other dealer.

    I know its lots to think about but any way you go you can't go wrong. Who can blame you for wanting the added insurance of having a gun in-hand while you are waiting on the backorder? Likewise, who can blame you for wanting to save a few bucks and borrow a rifle or use another, less perfect, rifle out of your collection for the upcoming hunt rather than buying another!
    You've got time!

    Good luck!