Back from my boar hunt


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May 3, 2001
Well, I got back from my pig hunt last night. A lot of hard work, but good fun. Great scenery that few have the chance to experience. See the link to my web page below for photos. Due to a fairly busy benchrest competition schedule the last few years, this was my first big game hunt in some time. I was a bit rusty and did not take some shots at big boars that presented themselves early in the trip, but got my old rhythm and confidence back as the trip progressed. I tried a few new things this trip and have a few lessons learned:

1) in addition to the excellent accuracy I got from Nosler Accubond projectiles in my 308 Baer, the terminal performance was very impressive. Though I only got to shoot two small boars with this load, penetration was excellent and I would be happy to use this bullet on most big game.

2) for my long range shots, I could not see game from prone due to long grass, so had to shoot from a seated position. I used a set of fold-up "crossed sticks" to rest the forend of the rifle, but did not find them strong enough or steady enough and will look for a better option for my next trip. I also need to find a way to support the elbow of my left hand (trigger hand in my case) to give me more stability on the long shots.

3) my 9.3x62 performed as well on boar as I had expected. No surprise, but nice to confirm what I thought I'd see.

Hope you like the photos.

my web page

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