SOLD/EXPIRED B&C Stock, Barrel, AICS Mags...etc


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Jul 11, 2012
Eastern WA
Alright got some other items up for sale.

First is a like new B&C Medalist "M40 style" stock that I picked up from a local shooter. Remington 700LA, RH, "Inletted" for a seekins precision 700LA DBM. It's a fair but not pretty inlet job (dremel work for sure) and it looks like the owner used acraglass to bed the action. The "roughness" of the bedding compound is overstated in the pics, its actually smoother than it looks, just the way that compound sets up, I've had it happen to me in the past. It's a functional bedding job but obviously isn't pretty. Fits an M24 contour barrel. Was planning on using it for a budget build but got other plans. $269 from stockys. Asking $200 shipped.

Next up is a MegaArms MATEN standard receiver set. New in Box.
$325 shipped to your FFL

AICS 10 round 300 Winmag magazine. Like new. $100 shipped OBO. AICS 5 round 338 Lapua (Non CIP) magazine. Like new. $75 shipped

Aimpoint 3X Magnifyer with twist mount. New in Box. Had it on the shelf about 1.5 years now, never used! Was going to use it on a 3 gun build but going a different direction. This is a $750 optic. $600 shipped!

APA Microbastard brake. New in box. $105 shipped.

White Oak Armory .223 Wylde AR15 "Varmint" barrel with gasblock/tube. Badass 1/2MOA barrel. 18", 1:7" twist. about 1K rounds through it. I was shooting prairie dogs at 450 yards with this barrel all day long last spring.
$285 new, asking $200 shipped to your door.

I also have two CDI bottom metals for sale. both Rem700LA. One was slightly milled out for a timney trigger, the other is a CIP length bottom metal (New) that's never been used. Don't have pics currently.
$150 shipped for either!

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