B-78 chambering help


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Dec 4, 2008
hauser, id.
I have a B-78 that I want to re-chamber and a machinist in the area said he could do it WITHOUT removing the barrel. Is this possible and if so is it SMART? This guy is not a gunsmith, but some of the local guys say he does great work. (I'm skeptical?)......Rich
Sounds like a rifle wrecker to me.
Not a place to save a few dollars.
If you want the rifle rechambered have a gunsmith di it correctly
I believe that it may be possible. It would depend a whole lot on what chamber is in the barrel now and, what chamber you want to go to. I know a guy who took his 45-70 Sharps to 45-90 by hand.
It's not an Ackley but a 6.5 Sherman. It's based on a .270 case and has a 40 degree shoulder like the Ackley but the case has less taper and the shoulder is farther forward. Total length is 2.525 as opposed to 2.494.
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