Axial Precision Rifles.

Country Bumpkin

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Sep 22, 2015
Boise, ID
They look cool, very capable, but dang.... spendy buggers!

I guess it’s hard for me to swallow the prices of these name-brand “mass-produced” customs (Gunwerks, MOA, etc) that cost twice as much as if you knew a local reputable Smith using the same components (with equal results).

Before I get hung out to dry, I’ll admit that I don’t own a rifle like this, mine is a custom built by a local Smith, so I can’t really attest or speak to whether or not they are truly better than the stick I shoot. Mine is of high quality components, workmanship and shoots amazingly well. I have handled a few and they are all very nice, but NOT (in my opinion) Twice as nice as mine.

To each his own. I suppose the beauty of companies like this is that they have ready-made customs available to drop in the mail with loaf development and break-in already complete, so that’s worth something.


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