SOLD/EXPIRED Awesome Long Range Hammer - Great Price!


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Mar 23, 2005
Awesome Long Range Hammer SOLD - Pending funds

Tikka 658 in 7mm Dakota. Brand new Bartlein 1 in 8.6. Mcmillan Hunter stock. This is a full custom with all the performance of a brand new rig for $1000 off the new price!!!

First $1390 + shipping gets a great rifle at a hell of a price!

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11 lbs 5oz. I bought it from Len Backus (owner of this site). He put around twenty rounds through it and reported it shot great. I seem to recall a photo of a target with one ragged hole. I guarantee it'll shoot .5 or better.
grit I have a buddy interested in a new custom rifle.

What are the specs of the build?
Brass and dies?

could you please post I emailed him the link so he can check it out.


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Free bump

Free bump? Thought you were half way here ;).

still available, but if it were bait it'd be nibbled away.

Brent, I haven't checked this in a while, hope I didn't miss your buddy. Tikka 658, trued and bedded. Bartlein #8 1 in 8.6 at 28", Holland radial port brake. McMillan stock. tuned trigger. custom rail. two mags

Nate did the rebarrel. Cheers
do u still have the rifle,,,,,,if so would u consider trades,,,,rifles,,,,,elk/ mule deer hunts,,,,,,........philgun)

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