Attn: DC !! "?'s" about the 300 RUM and velocity



Attn: DC !! "?\'s" about the 300 RUM and velocity

I know we have e-mailed countless times but I thought I would ask here so everyone can take in the info.
Ok I have pretty much voted out the 338 RUM due to recoil. However I am nearly ready to give the nod to the 300 RUM. My question is how much velocity do you think I might be capable of out of a 28" tube with the 240 gr. SMK? I also wanted to know what twist rate you would reccommend? If possible can I get a twist rate that would be suitable for the 220 gr. SMK's as well as the 240 gr. SMK's

So everyone knows I am limited to about 28" ( not including the muzzle break ) due to the fact I will need to travel by horseback throught pretty tough mountain trails to get to the REALLY GOOD areas. Trying to find someone to make a custom scabbard that suits me as well as a l o n g enough horse to carry the gun isn't as easy as ya think

as always DC thanks in advance ......

1700 + yards not a bad shot ... musta been dead calm... some of us wait until the wind howls just to up the challenge a little. I usually wait for 1800+ yards and 20 mph winds before I even consider the shot.... I understand your just learning though...

just kidding.. ( my attempt at humor )

ya never know I may just ask ( beg )to tag along next year....

Darryl Cassel

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May 7, 2001
Re: Attn: DC !! "?\'s" about the 300 RUM and velocity

Hello Ric

A wise choice (300 RUM) considering the 28" barrel and the recoil factor.

A 10 twist barrel would be advised in either case.

With the correct powder the 220 gr Sierra MK will come out of the 28" barrel at 3100 to 3200 fps FPS.

The 240 gr will come out at 3000 to 3100 fps

If you don't care too much about brass and reloading it more then 2 or 3 times, you can get a bit more velocity but, you won't need to go any faster.

The 220 or the 240 will work fine. Start with the 220 and see how you like it. You may just stick with it. It has a BC of .655 as compared to .711 for the 240 gr.
The 220 does a great job in the 30/378 but, the 240 does also.
A toss up here as to what the gun likes the best. Stick to the bullet that gives the BEST accuracy.

Later and good luck.

Let us know about the OCT thing next year.

Darryl Cassel

PS--With the non-success we had on elk this year, we may have to change spots for next season in Colorado. Don't know how that is going to work out yet. Probably, it was just because of the exremely warm weather.

PSS---Ric, just ran the ballistics on the Oehler program for the two bullets as far as an ENERGY level.
The 220 will give you 1000 plus foot pounds at 1750 yards.
The 240 will give you 1000 plus Foot pounds out to 1800 yards. Not a lot of difference but, a little bit.
Sort of a tose up.

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