ATF is now authorized to inspect powder stored in your home.


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Oct 7, 2012
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Anyone else hear of this?
The ATF and Merrick Garland just signed into law a requirement for private owners of gun powder or ammunition to report the amount and location of such to your local fire authority orally within 24 hours and written within 48 hours. Notification must be signed and maintained in a file for 5 years. Notification must be resubmitted yearly. Additional purchases must be reported as nauseum. Local fire authorities will be required to submit notifications to local ATF. ATF is authorized to conduct unannounced "inspections" of your files, powder, ammunition and storage.

I agree with Blaster1, ATF and Garland can **************, they can't make a law
has to be done by Congress. They can try their over reach all they want, and they can also Kiss My Cajun ***........ Bring a specific warrant when you come to check my stuff,
or get run off my place.......