SOLD/EXPIRED Assortment of 7mm bullets for sale. SOLD****

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    Apr 7, 2013
    I would like to try and sell all of these together if I can just to keep shipping simpler. If they haven't sold in a few days I will break them up. This would make a good assortment for someone wanting to try a few bullets. As for pricing, I just went to midway and broke down the price per bullet and subtracted a few bucks for each type.

    17 pieces of 7mm 160g nosler accuebond.
    58 pieces of 7mm 168g berger classic hunter.
    17 pieces of 7mm 150g nosler BT.
    34 pieces of 7mm 120g nosler BT.
    58 pieces of 7mm 162g Amax.
    98 pieces of 7mm 175 sierra HPBT match.

    80$ for all of them. Buyer pays shipping. Thanks, Bryan.