Assistance in setting up a fast twist .224

Jesse Jaymes

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Nov 14, 2004
Las Cruces, New Mexico
I would like to have a 22-243, AI, 22-250 AI or the like built. My intention is a long range coyote type rifle. Not looking for a 15 pound plus bench rig, but not really a 7 pound walking rig.

Questions are:

Pac-Nor barrels are still pretty cheap and I have 3 others, but they have not been installed yet and are probably rusting in the corner. I know there are other makers in higher regard, but I am not looking to dump thousands on a rebarrel job. They offer several land/groove configurations. I have both 300 and 375 Ultra in progress. They steared(?) me in to 3 groove barrels on both. Not sure this is correct, but I already own them.

I want 26" length, but would 28 really do anything for me? Contour will probably be a #3 fluted, maybe a #4 but I really don't care to go any heavier.

Set up will be to shoot 80 VLD and 75 A-Max's exclusively. Ideally to find one good load, and make several hundred rounds and quit tinkering with powders and bullets.

Any suggestions or input as to things not to do ???
I built a 22-243AI but my rifle is used for longrange groundhogs. It wears a 28" #7 Hart barrel with 8" twist.

I intended to shoot 80gr VLD bullets but the rifle showed a distinct preference for the 75gr A-Max bullet. A max load of RE22 produces 3,670 ft/sec and will shoot under .5moa. Very accurate and very deadly at any range short of 1,000 yards. Farther than that I haven't shot.

Only change I would have made would be to have ordered a 9" twist which would have been fast enough for the 75's.

One thing you might want to consider is the plain 22-243 rather than any of the varients which require fireforming. Velocity should be close, dies easier to get and barrel life will be improved if forming isn't necessary. Either way, I am very happy with my 22-243AI.


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I saw your photo in the last week or so while I was surfing for ideas and such. I agree and want the 22-243 Winchester for same reasons you suggest. I've read that the 8" twist is the only route to go in the build up, but it appears you mileage varied.

I appreciate the info and ideas.
I can help alittle with info on fast 22-250's.

Built several with 8 and 9 twist barrels.
What I've found is that with the 75 amax either one works but the 9 works better.
It also seems to work better with the 80 grain SMK or equal under most conditions.

I shoot at 1200 feet ASL, and found with the 9 twist the long range accuracy ( 1000-1200 yard) was better with the 80 grain in 9 twist as long as the velocity could be kept above 2900 fps. With H4350 or N160 this is easily achieved and although the N160 is really temp sensitive.

If you shoot in cold weather or sea level altitudes I would build an 8 twist.
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