Arrows Suitable for Big Game or not Good Enough?


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Jun 24, 2012
1700 miles from a REAL TREE!!!
James, Welcome to archery! I started with a PSE bow at 8 years old, 42 years ago. It wasn't until the last 15 years that I have really grown in my knowledge thru personal testing & help from what I would call experts. A couple of bad experiences with elk at close range (<25 yards) caused me to totally rethink everything regarding killing big game with stick & string. I don't have time to fully explain what I learned here & now, but in a nutshell I did a ton of testing & slow mo video and found that for me & my Hoyt Redworx, the stiffest and smallest diameter arrow produced the most penetration out of over $500 worth of test arrows. I will never use a G5 Montec again. In my opinion fixed, replaceable blades are best for hunting such as Slick Trick or Muzzy type, neither of these two broadheads have ever failed. I can't say the same for the Montec's. Also, I'll never use a whisker biscuit again either and don't recommend them unless your shooting a compound with fingers instead of a release aid.

Heavy, stiff, small diameter arrows will penetrate better and provide much better chance for full penetration than lighter/faster/fatter arrows.

I ask you to learn who Fred Bear is.
Join Pope & Young.
Join your local archery club & go participate in their 3d shoots, be courteous, have fun, & people will help you.
Buy & read the book - "Can't Lose Bowhunting".

There is more to this than kinetic energy alone.

The answers you really need are to questions you haven't even asked yet, but that's part of the joy with archery. Shoot often & have fun!

I concur TWICE sir!!!

50+ roosevelt kills being present for convinced me expandable and elk don't mix!!!

Heaviest spine that you can shoot with 2-3-4 blade solid broadheads AND a 200fps+ impact velocity with a 450-600 grain arrow work on elk....


Aug 15, 2012
A razor sharp broadhead is 100x more important than arrow weight. If you have a good head, the rest just needs to shoot straight. my first deer was shot with a dull arrow out of a VERY fast crossbow. Good hit, tons of blood, but the deer healed up and we saw it a few days later. I have shot several deer with my slower crossbow, but with razor sharp heads and they bleed out FAST. Even at "only" 360 fps, I can put a razor sharp arrow through a deer the long way. My last frontal shot came out the hip. My arrows are 400 grains.
I agree, kinetic energy is for rifle bullets, arrows kill by haemorrhage, therefore razor sharp Broadhead cutting and penetration through game vitals is paramount to a clean kill.


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