Ariz. hunters with atvs


Jul 20, 2001
Central Arizona
Okay, all you guys in Arizona with atvs --- LISTEN UP!!!!!!!

A good friend of mine was up in Unit 7 this last week-end and finally had rumors come true. The Forest Service had meetings earlier this summer and one of the big issues was how they were going to handle atvs during this Fall's big game hunts. Well, they've started implementing their new policy:

ALL atvs being ridden on forest service roads must now be properly licensed for ON-ROAD use (correct license plate) with the accompanying safety items (horn and rear-view mirror). Don't try to get by with just the simple "RV" plate --- that won't cut it. Both my friends were in camp when an AZ. G&F officer stopped by and told them if their atvs left camp, they'd both be looking at $150.00 fines (they have the "RV" plates on their quads). They proceeded to cite other guys right after that as they rode by their camp. And they were NOT giving out warnings. You can imagine how that went over ...

Anyway, I'd advise you to call your local forest service office to clarify what you need to legally ride your atv on your hunt this year. Hopefully you can get your equipment needs taken care of before your hunt. I just didn't want any of you guys getting hammered with a fine if it could be avoided!!!

Good luck and shoot straight,

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