Are Contenders a dying pastime?


They are making them still-They shoot great!
Ah. I didn't realize they had also been bitten by the "everything must be ar like" bug. Only one I've seen was in a mcmillan center grip, but it wouldn't shock me if the owner had the stock laying around for a decade or more just in case...

Seems like the contender cult was big enough to support an oem frame mfg. Kinda surprised that whole deal never materialized.
Part of the reason I don't like AR grips is they aren't very wide. Quite narrow really. So all that recoil force is put on a smaller area of your hand. Just not my thing. To each their own.
Stands to reason, no strikers xp 100s or contenders for a few years will probably make the only option do alright. Kinda like being the only single girl in Kodiak, might not be the best or even average... but it helps to be the "only".
Ernie, is there a finite level of "feel" that's possible with center grip linkage? Is it possible to get close to modern trigger feel with new designs?

Moot point with my progressive neuropathy "feel" is increasingly less of an issue. That said my first sp was probably a late 90s vintage striker and it was erector set level....
It is a two-stage trigger.
I think it would work for someone that has numbness or is losing feeling in their finger.
Much better trigger than any center grip striker I have ever used
I have been having contender for about 35 yrs. First frame had a sliding hamer, you slide from l to r for rim or center. Need a couple of bucks for kids ,sold ot. Pickup a used frame withe hamer rotating. Found a 35 rem 14 221 fireball 10 4570 hunter with brake. Had a 256 and 6.5 tcu but sold them , pity. 7tcu followed me home one day. Then a 44 mag hot shot barrel needing a home. Then a lonly 22lr was lost , and I bring the great guy I am adopted it.

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