Archery Moose Hunts for swap

Bone Collector007

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Jan 21, 2019
Estonia/ Finland
In 2019 the Country of Finland has put the wheels in motion to legalize Bowhunting for MOOSE! The northern Lapland Area is one of the last wild areas of Europe. Airfare Round trip usually runs only around 1k USD from main travel hubs in the USA. I am a US citizen but a resident of Europe and live here with my family. I am starting an outfitting company that will specialize in offering ARCHERY ONLY hunts for TROPHY Whitetail Bucks and BULL MOOSE . I will begin offering hunts for sale in 2020 but would like to establish a track record in 2019 and I am open to trading these hunts for opportunities in the USA.

Moose Tags are tough to come by in the USA. I have access to 5 tags in the hunting territory in 2019 for Bulls.

Finland has TROPHY quality Whitetail Deer! They were transplanted from the USA many years ago and are thriving. I have leased a farm that has been managing for mature bucks for over 8 years now.

I can send photos of expectations of trophy quality and a website will be up starting around April.

This is a great chance to do a swap hunt for a very special situation.

Im interested in QUALITY hunt opportunities in the USA . This is ONLY for Archery hunters. No Rifle hunts available.

Dates are October Moose Rut
NOVEMBER whitetail Rut
January Whitetail over bait.


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