SOLD/EXPIRED **AR500 Steel Targets- Rounds and Square!!***

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    Mar 30, 2008
    For sale is some AR500 Steel Targets. Just in time for shooting weather!!! I ran a group buy a little while back and have some left overs to get rid of.

    If you have not used AR500 Steel before here is a recommendation of what to get or at least what I use.

    I shoot 1/2 inch thick plates at any distance with all my guns include my 338 Lapua. No damage!!! I recently shot the 6x6 1/2inch square at 25 yards and it only chipped the paint off.

    I shoot 3/8 inch thick steel plates at any distance as well. Only difference is I shoot the 338 Lapua at 300 yards or more. Steel is fine at these distances.

    These targets are AR500 though Hardened plates. Plasma Cut. Excellent Target investment. These will probably last a lifetime. People that bought some from the group buy can attest to the quality of the targets.

    Here are the sizes available.


    -6X6 1/2" thick. 7# Two holes for hanging,-$16
    -8X8 3/8" thick. 9# Two holes for hanging,-$21
    -12X12 3/8" thick. 16# Two holes for hanging,-$40


    -8" 3/8" thick. 9# Two holes for hanging,-$18
    -8" 1/2" thick. 11# Two holes for hanging,-$25
    -10" 3/8" thick. 14# Two holes for hanging,-$30
    -10" 1/2" thick. 16# Two holes for hanging,-$35
    -12" 3/8" thick. 16# Two holes for hanging,-$40

    Shipping and handling is $18 per box up to 70 lbs. The appox. weights for each plate is listed. You can mix and match up to 70 lbs to get the most bang for your buck.

    If you would like something send me a PM or email me at [email protected].
    Thanks for looking and have a great day.