AR15 rifles?


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
I've been thinking I need an AR, gott too many rfles not to own one

So I have limided chioices here, they don't import many but what did catch my eye was a 26" barreled flat top Bushmaster V-Match.
After talking to a few who know more than me about them I got the impresion that they are a lot of trouble if you want to get MOA accuracy, not to dare mention better...

So I'm prepared to do all the reloading need, maybe add on some extras but no more.

Would I be happy with such a rifle and would it give me MOA?

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I don't understand the information you got.

My Bushmaster Varminter regularly prints 5 shots in .5 MOA. The opinions I regularly hear confirm that AR rifles are often extremely accurate.
I have 2 of them, both flat top Bushmaster's, one is a 24" varminter and the other is a 16" modular.
The first AR I owned was the 24" varminter, very accurate, nice trigger and consistent even with a heated up barrel.
I wanted something that was more manueverable for predator hunting so my fiance bought me the 16" modular for Xmas 2003. I put a 4.5-14X50 30mm tube Leupold on it and was very impressed with it shooting consistent moa at 100 yds with bulk 50gr TNT ammo from cabelas!
I love the Varminter, but time after time I find myself using the 16" modular more times than not.
I don't think you will be dissapointed with a 16, but one thing I will tell you is you need to install a jewell trigger. The factory trigger on the V-match's are very stiff.
Good luck.
I don't know who you talked to about the 16" V-Match, but most of the ones I've seen or shot were tack-driver's w/ the addition of 1) an Accuwedgie and 2) a Jewell trigger. Didn't like the Black Hills Match ammo, which was disturbing, but it shot very nicely w/ handloads. 5-shot dime-to-nickel sized groups @ 100yds. Amazing, considering the chrome-lined bore. But there were more than a few of us over on Go Go Varmint Go board that had them, and just about all of them shot very well.

A Rock River has a trigger approaching the quality of a Jewell right out of the box with the same level of accuracy.

They're one of the best kept secrets of ARs.
My Rock River Arms Varmint 24 and 16" CAR A-4 have two stage triggers and are a delight to shoot. A friends Bushy Varminter has a good trigger too. The good thing about RRA is they include their two stage match trigger on all their rifles.

The RRA 16" flattop would easily shoot MOA and the Varmint 24 well under MOA at 100 yds with WW USA 45 gr hp.

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Well, I'm gonna have to disagree w/ the comments about the RRA triggers...

1) I have a RRA lower, the non 'National Match' one... and it came w/ a normal cruddy non-match trigger like most AR's come w/. It came out, and a Jewell went in for the time being (because I already had one).

2) The 2-stage RRA NM trigger is pretty good as factory triggers go. I'd perhaps disagree w/ it being in the same class as a Jewell out of the box, but it is pretty good. Where it really shines is if you have a really good AR smith like John Holliger slick it up for about $35 or so. My Jewell is great, and I love the adjustability, but they have a bit of a tendency for light strikes, so my Service Rifle will most likely be getting a Holliger tuned RRA NM trigger.


The post said, "...approaching the class..." not IN the same class. On average they're better by far than almost all Colt, Bushmaster, & others from the many I've pulled.

The trigger on my Bushmaster is easily the worst AR trigger I've ever had the displeasure to pull. Rough, gritty, inconsistent, & unimproved after a couple thousand rounds. It's not an isolated case unfortunately.

You're right about John Holliger's abilities. He's taken alot of what Bill Wylde used to do & has improved upon it. His spring tweaks to A2 rear sight are groundbreaking - no slop or twist! I've shot with him many times and he's no slouch behind the trigger either: multi-time state champion and a civilian service rifle national champion if I recall!
Thanks for your input guys, I had a typo there, the rifle that interested me was the 26" barreled version, but after doing some research, I find out that although these rifles have been on order for more than one year, none have actually come into the country yet.

The better news is that they have also listed the varmint special SS, so I may look into importing it. Just have to speak with Bushmaster in the US and see if they'll ship one to me(red tape) or if I have to go through someone else due to exclusive rights to the Italian distributer.

Anyone know where you can get Bushmasters cheap?
I vote to get one. I have mine (BM Varmint 26" fluted) set up as a match with Mo's bases and Redfield Palma sites, added a hand rail and trigger guard mag release and shoot across the course. It'll shoot 'cleans at 300' but have not shot the 600 yet. 26.5 ww748 and a 52 gr Sierra match in WW brass is a one holer!!
I've been working with an ISSI-- .223 AI for a couple years now. Lee Mosher put a 26" Hart 9 twist on it, and it'll shoot everything from 50-75 A-Max into .5 on the avg. The AR's have come to be known as the easiest guns to get to shoot accurately with little case prep work. I believe that's true. I've tried the Jewell trigger vs. an accurized factory (Bushmaster), and see little if any difference between the 2. It's supposed to be easy to rework the factory trigger-- go to for details. With the 70 JLK VLD @ 3117 mv, I can hit 600 yds. with more than 2000 fps and 630 lbs. energy. Take a look at some of the groups my friends are getting on that website.

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