AR10 balance point / avg weight


Mar 20, 2023
Southwestern Georgia
I've seen the word used often in articles... In the real world what should it mean to me on my rifles... I have an opportunity to shoot at a location where I could shoot steel at up to 1,000 yards... I'm nearly finished with an AR10 build in 6.5 creedmoor and wondered where a good "starting" balance point should be... And what would be a good "average" weight for the rifle... I prolly won't use it for hunting... Just wanna try my hand at long range (for me) shooting... And possibly coyotes and hogs from a set location... I've shot all my life (over 30 years) with a 300 wby and savage 110 in 308... But rarely over 200 yards... And mostly hunting / paper punching.
I have two SS AR-10's with 308 win fluted barrels. The 24 inch is 12.9 pounds and very front heavy. The 20 inch was Second build and lighter at 11.2 pounds.

As to the balance point it depends on the barrel on one end and to a lessor extent the stock on the other. To me it's a moot point. the heavy longer barrel is superior for long rang shooting.
I presume you'd like the weights to not include an optic or mount. I have two 308 ARs that are set up for mid to long range use. They both have lighter than medium- weight barrels, in 18" (middy gas) and 20" (rifle gas) lengths, but they have very different components. The 18" has a relatively light 12" Aero handguard and a Magpul Gen 3 PRS stock. It weighs 9 lbs 12 oz and balances roughly in the center of the magwell.. The one with the 20" barrel has an old 12" DD Lite quad rail and a VLTOR E-MOD stock on an A5 receiver extension. It It weighs 9 lbs 9 oz and balances at the front pivot pin, due to the heavier handguard and lighter stock.

I don't care much about the location of a precision rifle's center of balance.
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Depends a lot on what you want. My m5 balances on a game changer bag in front of the magwell because I want to shoot it off the bag for positional stages in matches.

My rifle weighs 11.75lb empty no scope. With a bipod, supressor and scope is right at 16lb