AR-30 pics

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  1. James D.

    James D. Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2002
    since I don't know how to post pictures on the forum:
    (above link updated)

    Armalite AR-30M
    IOR Valdada 6-24x50 "tactical" side focue.
    Barrett adjustable 30mm rings
    Armalite 15moa base.
    Versa pod, (All steel), and Armalite bipod adapter.
    detachable 5rd box magazine

    I just bought a digital camera and am in a hurry so the pictures aren't too great.

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  2. Brent

    Brent Well-Known Member

    Jun 12, 2001
    Said the pic wasn't availible. All I saw was a guy and a gal kissin! [​IMG]

    Email it to me if you want and I'll post it for ya. My brother told me he shot one and it was definitely nice. He said he sold an AR50 for the shop he works at the other day too.

    He's buying one of their muzzle brakes for his 50 cal too. I guess they get $150 for the Lapua size or $190 for the 50 size brake. He's throating out a 36" barreled Ruger #1 in 500 Jeffery for the 750gr A-Max. He's hoping he'll get 2500-2600 fps with it. [​IMG] He's forming the stock out of a big piece of 4"x8" grey/black laminate blank right now.

    How does the AR30 shoot so far? My dad wants one too.