SOLD/EXPIRED Ar 15 223, 458 Guns an 204 upper

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    Jan 20, 2010
    Complete Ar15 Custom 458 Socom AR 15 a wilson 16" barrel, blue, 1-14 twist, 100rds down the tube, .750 at the muzzle, .750 gas block an .800, weight 4lbs upper an eotech, Yankee hill customizable forend Shoot Very good 1" group at 100yds with reloads 325 hor. H4198 41grs 1700
    Can send pics in texts or email

    $1500 Shipped/ upper $1000 shipped

    Complete Ar15 Lightweight 223 Rem, Shilen, SS, 1-9, Melonite 18" barrel 200 down the tube .750 at the muzzle under the forend is .775, a carbine length gas tube, upper weight 5.25lbs w/ a midwest industries 9-inch Mid-Length Gen2 SS-Series One Piece Free Float , Dpms High riser upper. Scope not included
    Can send pics of gun an groups in texts or email

    $2200 wo/ scope shipped Sold

    204 ruger Upper Shilen, SS, 1-9, melonite, 26" barrel .865 at muzzle, white oak armament Match Rifle Float Tube 2", 75rds down the tube, Dpms High riser upper
    Can send pics of upper an group texts or email

    $1500 shpped