APS teaser post, something very big, very fast, very powerful and very precise!

On your APS Raptor LRSS rifle , as shown in that photograph , I hope that the photographer did not turn away from the rifle for more than a few seconds , or that rifle will never be found again . The camo paint job is a PERFECT match to the earth , rocks , and grass where the rifle was placed for the photo .

ya it turned out pretty slick. It would be an easy one to loose track of!!
I can't wait to see what the changes we did to the 458 target bullets do. Sorry about that! The rifle is spectacular!

Working on another ogive design that is looking like a winner in the hunting line of bullets. Should translate to the target bullet too.

me too!! Your he ones making this crazy dream of mine possible and greatly appreciate the partnership. For anyone out there, if you have not yet looked into hammer bullets, they are extremely unique and impressive bullets. Look into them.
How much does it cost per shot to feed the 458AM? Looks like an expensive child to feed 😆

first off, for the time being you would need to form your own brass which is easy. Buy a pound of unique powder, a couple pounds of plain yellow corn meal and a couple rolls of TP and some primers and your ready to go.

very easy to do. I may tool up to offer formed brass for these down the road but thats a significant investment when dealing with bmg class cases.

So brass finished cost is a bit up in the air right now with the final bullet price and i will not speak for Brian and Steve on their bullet prices but will say their pricing is always competitive with other bullets of similar design.

RWS brass is $4.35 per case + shipping. Primers around $0.35 each. Powder will burnt at a rate of around 260-280 grains per shot so just depends on what powder you use for powder cost. Around 25 rounds per pound of powder.

however, once you get the brass, the loads i recommend will allow at least 8 firings per case, usually 10 firings per case so if you figure brass cost over the life of the brass, will be less then $0.50 per shot for brass cost.

honestly, cost to shoot these rifles will really be no different then shooting any top end ammo in a 50 bmg.