APS Stalker Hunter in 7mm Allen Magnum


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Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana
Have a good customer ask me to list his rifle for sale. This is a 2019 APS Stalker Hunter in 7mm Allen Magnum. Customer only put 20 rounds through it so basically brand new mint condition. He saw one of my Carbon Stalker rifles and wants to sell this one to fund that build.
anyway, the specs:
APS Stalker Hunter
27” bartlein fluted 9“ twist barrel 5r
small APS painkiller brake
jewell trigger
HS Precision DM system
pillar bedded
McMillan Hunter stock, 13.75” lop
custom die set
100 formed brass (peterson brand)

load development done for 180 gr bergers.

asking $4975 for entire package shipped. Scope and bipod not included.

this is the ultimate 7mm magnum on the planet today and really it has no peers ballistically. load data already developed and rifle tested.

first come first serve. Thanks!!